JockeyCam and Entain/Coral team up to bring viewers VR racing

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UK-based Entain, a global interactive entertainment, gaming, and sports betting group has broken the surface tension of the waters by giving live track racegoers an industry-first VR racing experience from the jockey’s seat.

Coral has spearheaded the collaboration with JockeyCam, a point-of-view perspective experience provider that gives viewers insights into the sport from the perspective of the athletes themselves. Paul Struthers, CEO of the GB Professional Jockeys Association earlier said of the legacy JockeyCam 2D experience that the HD footage can give viewers real insight of what it’s like to be a jockey. Referring to the unobtrusive lightweight equipment worn by riders, “…imagine a second pair of goggles.”

While the wherewithal does not quite yet exist to put punters into the stirrups to experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat in real-time, it would seem to be progressing to that lofty ideal.

Seven Horse Jump Race in VR with 360 Degree Views

For now, the immersive experience allows viewers to choose one of seven jockeys that participated in a staged race at Chepstow Racecourse in Monmouthshire, Wales, and experience the thrills through what Coral describes as a “a 360-degree jockey’s eye-view” of the race while wearing a VR headset. The race takes in over 2 miles of constant action.

The exhibition was produced on a jump racecourse with 11 fences between the start and finish lines so viewers will have plenty of chances to feel their bellies drop after soaring over the hedges.

While most readers, regardless of athletic ability will have had the opportunity to swing a tennis racket or kick a football, very few have ever been on a racehorse or any equine for that matter – the new virtual reality product will provide just such an experience.

It means that people can feel really engaged with the sport and understand just how challenging a jockey’s job is.” Sam Fleet, Managing Director of JockeyCam explains. “The fact that it’s 360-degrees should make it a really incredible experience for people who are having a go.

In order to participate, for now, punters will need to attend one of the events in the UK where the exhibition is being staged. Horses for the race were supplied by Tim Vaughan. Stewart Manchin provided the riders and key commentary.

Online VR Gambling is Available now

With the advent of affordable consumer-level VR headsets from companies like the Quest 2 from Meta (Facebook), it takes less than a $300 entertainment investment for most people to delve into the virtual reality experience. While the gambling industry has a lot of catching up to do, innovative punters can easily find ways to enjoy their favorite online gambling in a wide range of VR environments.

One such method is to download the free to use Immersed Agent software on your desktop and VR headset. Once linked, your desktop screen is ‘projected’ into the VR experience. The free software allows up to two screens with more available in the premium product. Players can make the screen as large as they like, curve it to nearly 180 degrees for full immersion, and place it in a variety of 360-degree environments.

Source: Entain : is revolutionising the UK racing scene with world-first VR experience, MarketScreener, April 7, 2022